About Us

The Indigo Woman is more than just a brand for Girly Girls around the world but a place for women to come to not only feel classy but enjoy being in their femininity. We genuinely care about each product that we choose to represent our brand based off our customers opinions and lifestyles. Our focus is not only to make our target audience happy but provide beautiful items that will make you feel beautiful with a touch of elegance.

We also want our customers to feel good about wearing our items that possibly are pink, sparkly or that makes you feel like the princess of your own fairytale. We value our customers to not only provide high quality materials but items that are a form of luxury.

To all the princesses that have visited our website or became a customer we want you to remember ‘life is to short to not to be extra’ so wear as much pink or sparkles as you want and use it as your super power to take over the world.



Xoxo, The Indigo Woman