Handbag Care

Here at The Indigo Woman we provide the highest quality materials for our luxury handbags. For all handbags on our website we suggest you treat them as if they are your baby and take the proper steps to make sure they last for many years to come. We currently offer silicon and vegan leather handbags that can be seen as delicate pieces that require special treatment. Vegan Leather handbags are very sensitive to the skin and leave fingerprints, so we highly suggest you keep your item dust free with a dry or slightly damp lint free cloth.

Please take soft cloths and gently wipe the surface to maintain a smooth touch and the gloss to keep your handbag preserved as brand new. Unfortunately, deep scratches and abrasions can be difficult to treat so any treatment must be done with extreme caution. Remember vegan leather is very sensitive to waxes and oils so please be careful not ruin your handbag with simple mistakes that can easily be avoided.