Jewelry Care & Disclaimer

Jewelry Care Disclaimer:  

Here at The Indigo Woman, we pride ourselves on providing tarnish-free jewelry. However, we advise keeping all items away from chemicals, hairspray, or substances to maintain color and shine. See our Jewelry Care page for more information.  


Items run true to size and colors will vary due to lighting on images. The product you see above is closest to the true color. 


What is 925 Sterling Silver? 

Sterling silver is much more suitable for use in jewelry and other metals. Therefore, our sterling silver products are alloyed with copper to create 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. With copper, our items will be durable, tarnish free and manageable without compromising their color.  

What is Cubic Zirconia? 

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is the crystalline form of zirconia dioxide. However, CZ is classified as a diamond simulator. The CZ stone looks like natural diamonds but is made of different materials. However, our cubic zirconia pieces are a superior alternative to diamonds with a natural colorless, durable, and pristine appearance.  

Here at The Indigo Woman, we highly recommend placing your jewelry pieces back in our custom packaging to maintain the color and shine of the metals. Natural body chemistry or environmental influences such as body oil, perfume, hair strays, chemical-based products, or tanning lotions may change the color of metals. The most effective way to prevent tarnishing would be to care for your jewelry properly and refer to our jewelry care tips below.  


Here are our standard jewelry tips: 

  • When cleaning your jewelry pieces, we recommend carefully cleaning them with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.  

  • Please remove jewelry before all physical activity such as swimming, facials, applying makeup, skin care routine, bathing, working out etc.  

  • Avoid home products such as dish soap, bleach, hand sanitizer, hair strays, etc. Unfortunately, those items contain harsh chemicals and can damage your jewelry.  

To ensure that your metal, brass or gold-filled items will remain in pristine condition, it is wise to avoid contact with harsh chemicals and water pressure. In between wears, store your items in our custom jewelry packaging or in a clean dust free area to maintain high quality and shine.  


Jewelry Disclaimer 

Although extremely rare, some people are allergic to the metals and finishes commonly used in making jewelry. It is the responsibility of the consumer to be aware of any allergies he or she may have to metals (gold, silver, etc.) or the oxidation applied to metals (liver of sulfur) prior to making a purchase. Our jewelry may contain elements of base metal, brass, copper, nickel, gold, silver or other alloys. There is no way for us to know the medical history of our customers. The Indigo Woman will not be held liable for any allergic reactions that may occur as a result of wearing our jewelry.